Official Rules

No Purchase Necessary

Eligibility: Contest is open to bands made up of High School (Grades 9-12) and Middle School (Grades 6-8) musicians. Bands and each of their members ("band") must be: a.) amateurs and have never signed a commercial recording contract; b.) registered in the 2017-2018 school year as a High School or Middle School student.

To Enter: A designated representative of the band (hereinafter "entrant") must visit to access the contest official entry form. Entrant must coordinate the completion of the official entry form for each band member (up to eight members allowed). A parent or legal guardian of each band member must agree, on behalf of his/her child to the terms of these Official Rules and participation in this contest by signing in space indicated on the official entry form.


Option 1 (Preferred):
Upload songs and the completed and scanned entry form here.

Option 2: Mail or hand deliver the completed entry form along with your CD OR MP3 formatted disc containing two songs (one of which must be a cover tune) to:

All entries must be received no later than March 10, 2018.

IMPORTANT: Recordings and songs performed must not be defamatory, or obscene, and may not include profanities as determined by the judges. Any such entries will be disqualified. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SUBMITTING YOUR BEST QUALITY RECORDINGS. Sponsors will not acknowledge any entry not meeting all entry requirements (including a parent or legal guardian's signature) and will disqualify those entries. All entries shall become the property of Ridgefield Playhouse and will not be acknowledged or returned. Limit one entry per musician/band/category. In other words, a musician can only play with one band in the High School or Middle School category.

Selection Process: The selection process will occur in three phases as outlined below:

Phase #1 Semi Finalist Selection: All eligible entries received will be judged by the Playhouse Board Of Directors to select 8) Middle School and (8) High School Bands (for a total of sixteen (16) semi-finalist bands) to participate in Phase 2 as described below. Entries will be judged on Musicianship (Defined as: skill or artistry in performing music)/Overall Sound (0-100 points).

Phase #2 Semi Finalist Live Audition: The (16) semi-finalist bands will be required to audition in a closed session (no parents allowed) before a panel of judges by playing a cover or original song with a maximum length of 5 minutes on date and time designated below at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Each of the (16) semi-finalist bands will be judged to determine (4) Middle School and (4) High School Bands (for a total of eight (8) finalist bands) to participate in Phase 3 based on the following criteria: 1) Sound (0-50 points), 2) Technical Ability (0-30 points), and 3) Stage Presence (0-20 points). If a player is unable to attend live tryout, band may continue minus that player. No substitution players allowed. If band is selected for finals, player may rejoin.

NOTE: All 16 semi-finalist bands will perform on drums, keyboard and amplification provided (any exceptions must be discussed and approved with the BandJam musical director).

Phase #3 Finalists Performance: On April 22, 2018 starting at 4:00PM, the (8) finalist bands will perform before judges and a live audience at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Each band will perform two songs (1 cover & original, or 2 covers) with a maximum individual song length of 5 minutes. Bands will be judged by a panel of celebrity and industry professionals (designated by the Playhouse) whose decisions are final based on the following criteria:

In the event of a tie in any of the above Phases, all tied entries will be re-judged based on band's overall sound quality: (0-100 points).

All bands must act in a professional and courteous manner or be subject to disqualification. Additionally, all bands must be in full attendance throughout tryouts and finals (if selected). If a band departs early from any of the tryouts or finals, they will be disqualified.

Prize Packages (Subject to change):

Middle School and High School Category Winners will each receive:

(8) Semi-Finalist Band Prizes:

Miscellaneous: Ridgefield Playhouse assumes no responsibility for incomplete, lost, late, damaged, inaudible, illegible or misdirected entries or CD's. In the event any portion of this contest is cancelled, there will be no obligation of the Ridgefield Playhouse in any manner. Semi-Finalist and Finalist bands must be available and agree to perform on dates designated by The Playhouse. If unable to do so, band will be disqualified and an alternate band selected. Decisions of the BandJam event director and the judges are final and binding. By participating, entrant and their parent or legal guardian acknowledges having read these Official Rules in its entirety and agrees to abide by and be bound by them. Entrants agree the Ridgefield Playhouse shall have the right and permission to use (unless prohibited by law) the band's bio, band members' names and cities of residence, digital audio file, photographs or likenesses, or portions thereof in advertisements and/or in the promotion of the contest; and acknowledges that The Ridgefield Playhouse shall have no liability and will be held harmless for any liability, loss, injury or damage to entrants or any other person or entity, including personal injury, death or damage to personal or real property, due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by reason of participation in this contest or the acceptance of a prize, including without limitation, studio time, travel, the activities associated with performing in or participating in this contest or any travel related thereto.